Zizzi vegan pizza


The other day I went to Zizzi with my friends for my birthday and the food was amazing as always. I’ve been a huge fan of Zizzi ever since I came to England, and I was so exited when they decided to do vegan pizzas! They’ve also added a few other vegan dishes like garlic … [Read more…]

Quick rice salad


Todays recipe is super easy, but also super tasty. The fresh tastes are perfect as the weather is getting warmer and I love making this on busy days. You can basically make this with whatever veggies you have in your fridge, but I love the combination of these. Feel free to add some beans or … [Read more…]

BLD #7


BREAKFAST Oats are my new obsession and I just can’t get enough of them! Check out my recipe for Creamy chocolate oats HERE! LUNCH For lunch I had a rice salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, red pepper and cucumber and two whole wheat wraps. This is a great meal if you want something … [Read more…]

BLD #6


I didn’t have a lot of food left in my fridge today, but I thought I’d still do a BLD (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to show some simple vegan options. I still want to say that I usually have more veggies and fruits than this on a daily basis. BREAKFAST I’ve had creamy chocolate oats for breakfast … [Read more…]

Creamy chocolate oats


Recently I’ve been obsessed with oats for breakfast and I’ve finally learned how to make them taste amazing. It all started with my flatmate showing me her method of making them and after some experimenting I’ve come up with a creamy, chocolaty oat recipe. These oats taste amazing and are perfect for breakfast as they give … [Read more…]

Vegan week menu example


First of all I just want to say that I’m not a nutritionist, I just eat what tastes good and gives me energy. Also, everyone is different and all bodies need different things so remember to eat until you’re full and eat the foods that makes you feel good. I’ve recently started planning my meals … [Read more…]